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Discover also others technologies for pallet exchanging. In this page you will find the fastest solutions in the world capable of handling more than 100 pallets per hour.


The pallet change operation takes place with the transfer of products from one pallet to another or with the sliding of the pallet.


Change the pallet in less than 60 seconds

Mobile version for 

lateral transferring

The fastest pallet exchanger in the world

Safe frontal transfer

of the load

By lateral or frontal transfering of the the product or by pallet shifting.


The pallet change via load transfer takes place thanks to a delicate lateral pressure. The lateral pressure is applied to facilitate the transfering of the load on any type of pallets. In fact, thanks to this technology it is possible to slightly lift the load without damaging the products.

Load Transfer Systems are suitable for all companies that need to change the pallet but cannot overturn the products.


This technology is considered the most innovative and complete. 

With the load transfer, just like for lifting & moving, the machine will blocks the stack of products by a lateral pressure. What makes the difference between the two categories, is the way by the load is handled.


Over the years Toppy has always guided the innovation of its solutions through customer orientation. Thanks to the increasing production flows and the consequent shipments of goods, the logistical needs are constantly evolving.


Starting from just the systems that overturned the pallet, Toppy designed more than one technology for managing the pallet withouth tipping the load.

The “LTS” is an automatic pallet changing system that locks and moves the pallet from the base.  As with all automatic systems, the products must be loaded and picked up at the base of the machine with a forklift. In addition, this load transfer is integrated with two or more pallet magazines to collect the arrival destination pallets and the destination pallets.


The operation takes place quickly, in fact, the load transfer system can handle over 60 pallets per hour. After having lifted the load slightly, the arrival pallet is removed, and the load is placed on a table to stabilize the base. It will be automatically removed. Finally, after releasing the load on the new pallet, the entire pallet is ready to be shipped or stored.

After lifting the products, the load transfer system at a fixed position transfers the products sideways onto the new pallet. The base of this pallet changer has been designed so that it can accommodate two pallets from the beginning of the operation, side by side. Furthermore, the loading of the products can also be done with a pallet jack. This machine is very compact and available in a mobile version and in a fixed version to satisfy all pallet changing needs.


This load transfer system pushes the products lightly to transfer them to the new pallet. Depending on the type of transfer, there are different versions of the “Master Inverter”. With front transfer, for example, the load is guided on three sides. In its fully automatic version, this load transfer system is also able to collect the arrival pallets and take the destination ones from the integrated pallet magazines.

This pallet transfer system is one of the most compact and functional solutions of the entire Toppy production range. The “Easy changer” uses a similar technology of the LTS. With this new system, the change of the pallet takes place by sliding the pallet which is transferred to the pallet magazine.


After pressing and lifting the load, the arrival pallet is pushed from the destination pallet to the rear of the machine where it is collected from the pallet magazine. Meanwhile, the products can be placed on the destination pallet.

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