Inverting Technology


Discover also others technologies for pallet exchanging.  The “load inverting technology” was the first technology invented in the pallet changing field by Toppy. We recommend you choose this technology if your product can be  invertert between 90° and 180°.

All Toppy solutions that overturn the product are called pallet inverters.


The rotation of the load can take place at various inclinations depending on the product and depending on the type of machinery chosen. Contact our experts for more information about our equipment.

New patented machine

with pallet dispenser

Newly patented pallet

inverter in 2022

Load products with

a pallet jack

The first inverter

designed in 1995

The standard

pallet inverter

By overturning the product.



The pallet change operation begins with locking the load at the base, and at the top, thanks to two platforms. The product is pressed securely to ensure that it remains stable during overturning.



Once the load is locked, the stack of products can be overturned. Depending on the type of product, different degrees of overturning can be chosen. For example, some types of products require a full 180 ° rotation.


Contact our experts and get advice on the best solution according to your needs.

The degree of tipping affects the speed of product handling.


If you need to manage a consistent production flows, our experts will recommend an automatic pallet inverter that overturns the products at 110° or 130 in order to operate very quickly.  Toppy offers solutions that can handle up to 100 pallets per hour.

Toppy has designed new pallet inverters capable of changing pallets very quickly and without an operator. 


The main advantage concerns the automation. In fact, the classic pallet inverter requires an operator who manually removes the pallet. Your operator may spread lot of time and may injury themselves. Discover our new pallet inverters that are completely revolutionizing the world of pallet changing.



1. The first is the “Hands-Free“, the fastest pallet inverter in the world thanks to the new pallet translation system. 


2. The second is “The Game Changer”, the most compact and functional pallet inverter in the world equipped with two pallet magazines.

In order to choose the right machine for pallet changing, we firstly need to know your type of product, the space in the warehouse available, and eventually the level of automation you would like to implement.


Toppy has pallet transfer systems capabale of managing very consistent flows.


The volume of the product and its composition on the pallet will be analyzed. Depending on the specific characteristics of the product, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from over 50 different models.

Depending on the level of automation you would like to implement, our experts will recommend manual, semi-automatic, or pallet transfer system.


Our experts will calculate with you the return on investment. 

You will certainly be able to speed up the pallet change operation and save on the cost of operations. 

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Easy-to use


Change the pallet in every area of your warehouse

The fastest technology

in Toppy’s range

New versatile systems

patented in 2022

Completely automates the

pallet exchanging operation