Clamping & Lifting Technology


Discover also other technologies for pallet exchanging. With this technology, you will change the pallet by clamping and safely lifting the product from the pallet.


It is possible to handle the most fragile, unstable, bulky products, and especially those that cannot be tipped.

Newly patented

machine in 2022

Change the pallet in less

than 60 seconds

Safely translating the

load to a new pallet

Safely applies lateral pressure and lifts load

Change the pallet &

split your load

By clamping and lifting the load.

The clamping and lifting technology is requested for non-tipping loads. By this way, all those who receive, manage, and ship goods on pallets can increase the production efficiency of their warehouse.


The product is placed at the base of the machine with a forklift or transpallet. Subsequently, the machine gently presses the sides of the product with two pads to safely lift it from the pallet.


When the product is separated from the pallet, it can be replaced with the new destination pallet. Contact our experts and get advice on the best solution that suits you!

There are various types of machinery that change the pallet with clamping and lifting the load. 


The most andvanced and  requested solution is the “Falcon Wings”, a mobile pallet changer that presses the load sideways and lifts it from the pallet. This solution is equipped with two blades that extend at the base of the product to ensure a safe lifting. If you are looking for a fixed solution,


Discover our fixed pallet changers. These solutions are placed in a specific area of the warehouse and automatically transfer the product from one pallet to another.


The pallet can also be changed by side shifting. The “Side Mover” is the first pallet changer solution able to safely shift the product laterally. In the initial phase, the old pallet and the new pallet are placed side by side to allow a rapid shifting of the product.


Also included in this technology, is the “Easy Changer”. This unit safely locks the product in order to allow the pallet to slide behind the machine. This machine is equipped with a pallet dispenser that automatically collects up to 15 pallets. With this machine, the pallet that need to be changes is guided behind the machine for storing it. 


At the end of the operation, we will have the product positioned on the new pallet.

With this technology your products will never be overturned. This advante of using this technology is that you will be able to manage many types of products and satisfy all those companies that were unable to optimize their production line.

In order to find the right pallet changer solution for you, we need to understand your production flow the product that need to be handled.


The machines that operates with this technology are capable of handling up to 60 pallets per hour. 

Every solution in Toppy’s production range is customizable.


Our engineers are capable to modify each machine in order to best suit your needs. Various factors can be customized such as the width of the pressers, the autonomy of the battery, and the lifting height of the loads.

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Easy-to use


Change the pallet in every area of your warehouse

The fastest technology

in Toppy’s range

New versatile systems

patented in 2022

Completely automates the

pallet exchanging operation