Pallet Exchangers


Choose from 4 technologies according to your product

If you are looking for a pallet exchanger, start choosing the best technology based on your product. The first factor to consider when identifying a suitable solution, is if your product can be momentarily turned upside down.

This factor is the most important because “pallet exchanger” are divided into 2 categories:


1. Machines which overturn the load (Pallet Inverters);

2. Machines which do not overturn the load (Pallet changers).


They carry out the same operation with different methods. 


Pallet Inverters carries out the operation by overturning the load to 90° or 180° with tilting and inverting technologies.


Pallet Changers deals with non turnable products. They apply a safe lateral pressure on the load thanks to the balck mousse-grip. 

By this way, you can manage fragile products like yogurt, pharmaceutical vials, fragile boxes, and any other product that can’t be turned upside down.


Pallet Changers handle the pallet by clamping & lifting or transferring technology.  

Can your products be overturned?

Choose one of these technologies:

Can your products be overturned?

Choose one of these technologies:


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An important characteristic of Toppy’s pallet exchangers is customization. 

For pallet transfer systems, Toppy’s engineers design and customize every single process. Moreover, it is possible to customize standard pallet exchanger for very specific needs. 


Take a look at the 4 technologies that change the pallet and contact our experts for them to advise you on the one that suits you best!


Pallet Inverter with pallet dispensers "The game changer"

Pallet inverters are historical solutions designed by Toppy. In fact, this was the first technology invented and continuously updated by Toppy. Check out our newest and revolutionary pallet inverters designed in 2022: “Hands-free Inverter” and “The Game Changer”.

The revolutionary benefit of The Game Changer is the new mechanism of pallet translating and the two automatic pallet dispensers that are equipped with the machine which makes it operate non-stop.

Based on the type and composition of the load, it is possible to select different rotating angles. The 120° angle for example, is used for certain boxes. With our solution it is possible to choose between 90° to 180° angles. We added this option in order for the unit to better handle loads in terms of conformation.   


The best seller pallet exchangers

pallet turner Toppy V-shape floor level with pallet jackDiscover the best seller technology all around the world. Our “Toppy V-Shape” is the most requested because of efficiency, costs, and speed. The functioning is simple because the product is safely locked by two platforms. Then, the machine inverts the loads to proceed with the pallet changing process.  

After loading the entire pallet on the base of the machine, it automatically changes the pallet and brings it back to the starting position. Firstly, it is possible to load products with a pallet-jack. This possibility was a prerogative of this technology along with the automatic centering of the products on the pallet. Through the automatic centering system, in addition to eliminating human error, centering pallets greatly improve their stability and therefore also the safety levels in the company.


The cycle allows you to manage the pallets at an angle of 90 °, up to 120 °. Unlike the previous one, this system ensures that the overturning is accompanied by the entire skeleton of the machine. This brings an increase in automation, simplifies processes, and increases safety levels.


The best product of this technology, as mentioned, is the V-shape. However, the innovative system for the management of freezer spacers: the L-shape silver splitter. It represents the only system for the management of frozen pallets that allows the quick and easy insertion and removal of the freezing spacers. They are essential for the refrigeration industry as they favor the rapid freezing of packaging.


stationary pallet changerWith this technology your are capable of handling every product. This is one of our newest and more fuctional technology. You will find machines capable of handling the most fragile, bulk, unstable or non-tipping products. In this technology you will find also easy-to-use mobile solution capable of changing pallets in very confined spaces.

Through this technology, two side pressors, applying a slight pressure to the load, lift the product to variable heights according to the needs. At this point, with the products separated from the pallet, it will depend on the type and version of the machine used whether it will be the pallet that needs to be replaced or whether the load itself will translate directly onto another support.


Within this technology, the leading products are once again two patented products: “Falcon Wings” and “Easy Changer”. The Falcon Wings is available in mobile, fixed, and splitter versions. The operating cycle is exactly that described above, with the particularity of the two extendable blades. These two blades are inserted at the base of the load after having pressed and slightly raised it. In this way, the product stack greatly increases its stability, and many complex loads can be easily handled.


The “Easy Changer”, on the other hand, is an innovative machine, which takes less than 60 seconds for each replacement. The fixed station machinery blocks the load and lifts it slightly to allow the arrival pallet to be replaced by using a pallet jack. Furthermore, this pallet changer is designed to automatically stack pallets on the back to optimize the process to the highest achievable levels.


The quickest pallet exchangers in the world

side pusher pallet changerIn this technology you will find the quickest pallet changer machines in the world capable of managing more than 100 pallet per hour. If you have a very consistent production flow and you need to automate the pallet changing process, you are in the right spot.  With this technology, your products will be conveyed to another pallet through by safely applying side pressure.  

pallet exchanger load transfer systems

Check out the difference bewteen our mobile, fixed, and automatic pallet exchagers. Each pallet exchanger machine has its own specific operation depending on the automation required and type of product.

One of the best solutions is the “LTS” (Load Transfer System), an automatic pallet changer equipped with pallet dispeners for the storage of destination pallets and arrival pallets.