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Handle your rolls with our reel / roll turner and improve your production flow and safety standards

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Transfer your rolls using two external clamps

Handle your rolls with one central clamp

Transfer your loads with
a curvy platform

Rollenwender für den schnellen Wechsel von Materialien

Turn and move heavy rolls on the floor

Toppy Roll Turner: The Best Option in Terms of Safety

Improve productivity and safety with our roll turner. Different technologies are available for different requirements. Contact us for more information and for an immediate free estimate!

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Why might you need a roll turner?


Our reel turners & roll turners are ideal for the printing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to our wide range of reel turners and advanced technology, we are recognized as a world leader.


Our solutions are battery-operated and specially designed for handling rolls made of different materials: either a mandrel is inserted into the core or the roll is held on the diameter by two clamping elements

Standard and customized solution


We design and manufacture custom machines, from heavy-duty to high-speed models.


Our technological and technical expertise focuses on personalizing machines for specific production needs, taking into account factors such as weight, roll size, roll width, height and customer requirements.

The reel turners & roll turners are not only designed, but also checked at every stage of production to ensure international quality standards in terms of efficiency, safety, performance and durability. We guarantee a high level of service and customer care throughout the cooperation.


Our compelling engineering techniques and personalization provide you with the right role management solution.


The history of our reel  / roll turner 


Toppy started out as a manufacturer of machinery and material handling equipment for the graphic arts industry. Since then we have added new machines to the Toppy range, proving to be a good solution especially in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and ceramics sectors. Toppy Web turners are ideal for the printing, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Toppy is a world leader in material handling equipment: the result of 40 years of experience in the manufacture of roller turning systems, which has resulted in innovative solutions for industrial applications.

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