Pile Turner Maxi Toppy Advance


Pile Turner Maxi Toppy Advance is an electrically powered pile turner that allows to remove the pallet of paper from the printing machine and turn it in small areas.



Pile turner Maxi Toppy print line

Our mobile pile turner “Maxi Toppy Advance” can handle pallets of paper up to a maximum weight of 1800 kg, and with size from 70 x 100 cm to 120 x 160 cm.

The operator uses the control panel to lift the load and then manually twists it and brings it back to the ground, ready to be inserted in the printing machine.

Maxi Toppy Advance Pile Turner is available in a wide-base (straddle type) configuration for closed-bottom pallets.

Our machine features an emergency button, safety reverser and acoustic signals to comply with all safety regualtions.