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The Main Purpose of our Pile Turners 

The main purpose of our Pile Turner is the turning and moving of paper / cardboard pallets of different size, weight and format.


Our machines can handle cardboard and paper piles of any type, weight and size. They will ensure a reduction of waster , operator safety and an improved production flow.


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Pile turners with air and vibration system


Turning paper by hand is unsafe, time consuming, and costly. Our Pile Turners eliminate the physical demands of hand-turning paper, thus saving precious time.

Toppy’s range includes Mobile Pile Turners and Stationary Pile Turners, with or without air and vibration system and with different levels of automation.


When opting for a pile turner with Jogger-aerators, you will be able to increase safety and productivity in press and finishing operations. The air and vibration system allow for sheet separation, removal of dust and impurities, perfect alignment, pallet change or removal, as well as the easy removal of waste sheets.

Stationary and mobile pile turners


The wide and flexible range of Toppy pile Turners, guarantee the utmost quantity and quality performance.


Our stationary machines can be used as stand-alone or in a production line and can be integrated into various department. In fact, Toppy offers many solutions for pallet handling thanks to conveyor belts and roller conveyors in order to move the pallet along the production line.


As they do not request a large working space, our mobile pile turners are incredibly versatile and easy to move around different areas of the facility. They are ideal for the printing industry and can handle loads of different size and weight. The operator can use the control panel on the tiller to lift and lock the load in a safe position, and will need to manually twist it.


These operations are quick and in less than a minute the load will be ready to be inserted into the printing machine.

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