Pallet Transfer Equipment

Pallet Transfer Equipment 

“Side Pusher Logy”

This pallet transfer equipment is the fastest pallet changing solution in the world patented by Toppy, capable of handling up to 100 pallets per hour in a very confined space.

“Side Pusher Logy” performs the load transfer cycle by quickly transferring the load from the origin pallet to the destination pallet.

This pallet tranfer system is capable also of handling loads with slipsheets and it is customizable for each customer. Since each system is specifically designed for the each customer according to its characteristics, we would like to describe this specific case:

We provided this automatic system with one shiftable plate for load transferring connected to 2 linear rails. Behind the pallet transfer equipment there is an hydraulic system that controls these two linear rails. 


This device deals with the destination pallet and protects the load during the load transfer cycleIn order to automate the process of pallet changing, we provide one “bridge” plate for the connection with roller conveyors and one load supports. 

Pallet transfer equipment in action

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This is the fastest pallet transfer equipment in the world capable of managing up to 100 pallet per hour. It’s capable of handling many different kinds of pallet. 


Let’s dive together on this specific cycle for pallet changing:


1.The origin pallet with the load is conveyed from the customer’s logistic line to the input roll conveyor and then to “Side Pusher Logy”;


2. During the origin pallet transfer, the pallet stacker releases the destination pallet from the roll conveyor. The destination pallet drives from the roll conveyor to the blade plate;


3. Due to the pneumatic system the blade plate goes on the destination pallet;


4. Thanks to the hydraulic system, “Side Pusher” transfers the load from the origin pallet to destination pallet. During the load transfer, the origin pallet is supported from the side by a mechanical bumper in order to avoid the pallet shifting/displacement;


5. The “Side Pusher” with the blade plate returns to the starting positions;


6. The load with the destination pallet is conveyed from the roll conveyor to the output roll conveyor, then to the customer’s logistic line;


7. The origin pallet without the load is conveyed from the roll conveyor to the origin pallet stacker.

We design and provide solutions for handling even the heaviest loads in a easy and safe manner. Toppy provides pallet changers with safety systems to avoid accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards. 


Toppy supply pallet transfer equipment with safety fences that do not allow the operators entering in the operational area. These are security systems such as metal perimeter protection nets and safety photocells. 


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If you are looking for a pallet transfer equipment, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from more than 50 models in our range. 


Firstly, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and eventually implement automation.

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