Load Transfer Equipment

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Load Transfer Equipment

“Master Inverter Logy”

If you need a load transfer equipment system that does not tilt the load, you should inquire about “Master Inverter Logy.” It smoothly handles fragile and unstable loads at the highest level of automation.

Équipement de transfert de charge utilisé dans les opérations de manutention

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Below we describe the sequences of the pallet transfer system necessary to replace a wooden pallet with a plastic pallet. Conversely, operation can be managed via a PLC with adequate programming. The operating logic of the system is shown below:


1.The operator, equipped with a forklift, positions the wooden pallet with the product on the loading/unloading roller conveyor. The wooden pallet with the load passes through the muting safety barrier and is positioned on the roller conveyor.


2. The pallet change logistics system transports the wooden pallet with load from the roller conveyor to the turntable. The operator, thanks to the hydraulic saddle placed under the rotary table, can change the orientation of the workstation from position to position. The operator can also adjust the height of the workstation using a system of hydraulic cylinders positioned under the rotary table. In this way the operator is able to carry out the procedure of manual removal of the film from the product


3. Once the film removal operations are completed, the wooden pallet with the load passes through the muting safety barrier. Then, it is conveyed by the position rotary table system to the roller conveyor.


4. The separation door equipped on the spray booth opens and the wooden pallet with the load is conveyed inside the spray booth on the roller/chain exchange conveyor. After closing the separation door, the spray cycle takes place.


5. At the end of the spray cycle, depending on the selected pallet, a plastic pallet is released from the pallet magazine. Alternatively, it is positioned on the catenary while the separation door positioned on the side of the spray booth opens.


6. The plastic pallet passes through the separation door. It is transported by the catenary inside the spray booth, on the roller/chain exchange conveyor. There it is aligned with the wooden pallet with the load parked on the conveyor.


After closing the separation door, the pallet change cycle begins:


– The flap is lowered and the Toppy “Master Inverter” pressers close, blocking the wooden pallet and the load.

-The conveyor is raised using a hydraulic system to compensate for the difference in height between the wooden pallet and the plastic one.

-The pallet change logistics system transfers the load from the wooden pallet to the plastic pallet.

-The flap raises and the Toppy “Master Inverter” pressurers open releasing the load on the plastic pallet while the conveyor is lowered.


The separation door equipped on the dust collection cabinet opens. After that, the plastic pallet with the load is transported from the conveyor to the roller conveyor.


The separation door closes, The plastic pallet with the product crosses the muting safety barrier. It is conveyed from the roller conveyor to the loading/unloading roller conveyor. Finally, it is removed by an operator equipped with a forklift. At the same time, after the separation door is closed, the separation door positioned on the side of the spray booth opens. The empty wooden pallet is transported by the roller/chain exchange conveyor to the catenary.


Depending on the selected pallet, the empty wooden pallet is then stored inside the wooden pallet stacker or while the separation door is closed.

The Toppy system is equipped with Mekkano mechanical barriers for perimeter protection. Pre-painted elements are used, and thanks to the screw fixing systems, they can be quickly and securely assembled in various sizes, facilitating installation. With the same elements, the Mekkano door can be installed in configurations with openings either outward or inward. All configurations of access doors can be achieved in both versions, with or without upper support. The high strength of the connecting elements makes the structure very rigid.

The load transfer equipment involves the movement of materials using the “Master Inverter” pallet changer. It is capable of changing the pallet from wood to plastic/aluminum with bidirectional movement to and from production. The “Master Inverter” pallet change logistics system allows for product transfer by pushing and holding on three sides. The pallet changer “Master Inverter” is housed inside a dust removal cabin.


The pallet changing operation is specifically coordinated with the load dust removal process. This is done to prevent contamination from the transit of wood pallets to plastic pallets.


This pallet change logistics system includes the dust removal of materials entering the warehouse using an air curtain (installed on the Master Inverter frame). The unit consists of a dust removal cabin (containing the pallet changer) equipped with locked doors. There is also an air blowing and purification unit. Additionally, the integration of an additional blowing system with compressed air nozzles can be proposed. Alternatively, a film cutting machine can be positioned at the beginning of the line.


It is a pallet change logistics system that ensures a much faster pallet change than a standalone machine. This is possible thanks to pallet warehouses equipped with conveyors for the collection and delivery of wood and plastic pallets.


The pallet change logistics system is equipped with a sonar centering system. It allows centering the goods at the center of the new pallet while compensating for the size difference between the two pallets if they are different. The system’s safety is guaranteed by the use of a perimeter of metal fencing and human photocells for access control.