Pallet Transfer Systems

Completely automate your pallet exchanging operation

We customize pallet transfer system according to your workflow, type of products, warehouse space, labour costs, etc.

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Exchange from one pallet to another with automatic systems

The fastest in the world

(100 pallets/hour)

Lift the load, swap, and organize the pallets

One of the best seller

pallet exchanging systems

Automatic frontal

transfer of the load

Capable of handling

more than 70 pallets per hour

One of the most advanced solution in our range (patented)

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Exchange pallets with pallet transfer system

Toppy offers more than 15 models of  automatic pallet exchanger capable of managing large quantities of goods, while considerably reducing labor costs. Contact our experts for an initial assessment of your project

Innovative system with

pallet dispensers

The most compact mini logy pallet inverter system

Automatic System

with dispensers and shuttle

Turn the load to

95°, 120°, or 180°

The most innovative

inline pallet inverter

Inline turning system

that tilts the load

Load transfer system with 4 supports for the load

Pallet Exchanger system

for unstable loads

The Benefits of Using a Pallet Transfer System in Your Warehouse


As a warehouse manager, you know how important it is to find advanced solutions for your warehoyse. One kind of equipment that could help you is a pallet transfer system.

Close-up of pallet transfer conveyor

What is a pallet transfer system?


A pallet transfer system is a mechanical system that is used to move pallets from one location to another within a warehouse and exchange pallets. It typically consists of a conveyor system, which can be powered by electricity, hydraulics, or pneumatics, and may include additional components such as sensors, drives, and controls.

The main benefit with a pallet transfer system

One of the main benefits of using a Toppy ‘s solution is increased efficiency. Because the system can move pallets quickly and automatically, it can save time and labor compared to doing it manually. This can be especially beneficial in high volume warehouse environments where pallets need to be transferred frequently.


In addition to increased efficiency, these solutions can also help improve safety in the warehouse. Moving pallets manually can be physically demanding and potentially dangerous, especially if the pallet is heavy or unstable. With a pallet transfer system, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as the machine does all the heavy lifting.

Reduce damage to products and pallets


Another benefit of our depalletizer is that it can help reduce damage to pallets and the products they contain. When pallets are moved manually, there is a risk of them being dropped or mishandled, which can lead to damage. With a pallet transfer system, the risk of damage is greatly reduced, as the pallets are moved smoothly and securely.


Overall, our pallet exchangers can be a valuable addition to any warehouse. They can help improve efficiency, safety, and reduce the risk of damage to pallets and the products they contain. If you’re looking for ways to streamline operations in your warehouse, consider investing in a pallet transfer system.

Pallet transfer systems with robot depalletizer
Pallet transfer system for fast pallet exchange

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