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If you are looking for a pallet tipper, Toppy offers more than 50 different models for each type of product, how much space you have in your warehouse, your production flow, and the level of automation you would like to implement.

What is the function of a pallet tipper?

The function of a pallet tipper is to overturn or tilt the products so that the arrival pallet can be replaced with a new pallet. If you need to replace the pallet, take a look at our latest generation of pallet inverter designed in 2022. These are machines that speed up the pallet change operation, save warehouse costs, and minimize operator injuries.


The new pallet tipper designed by Toppy are capable of automatically changing the pallet. The production range includes pallet transfer systems capable of handling up to 100 pallets per hour.

What are the economic benefits?

From an economic point of view, investing in a pallet tipper is always a good investment, especially if it is an automatic machine. This is because, based on the calculation of the ROI, an economic advantage emerges mathematically.

By calculating the costs of the manual operation compared to the costs of an automatic machine, together, we will be able to analyze the great return on investment that is obtained.


Together with our experts, calculate the ROI based on the current cost of your operators who manually change the pallet. In case you need a pallet tipper to save on shipping costs, together, we will calculate the economic benefits obtained by shipping cheaper pallets.


The investment of a pallet tipper, thanks to its duration, amply repays the expense from an economic and financial point of view.

Easy-to-use mobile machines utilizable in any space..

Semi-automatic solutions capable of handling every loads in confined space.

Completely automate the operation and increase the  production flow.

Get advice from our experts


Together, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and the possibly the level of automation to be implemented.


The first step is to understand if your product can be overturned.

Pallet tipper in comparison with manual operation


Using Toppy’s solutions, efficiency levels increase significantly compared to a manual operation. An operator is capable of managing only 6 pallets per hour, risking injury and limiting availability for other activities. With a pallet tipper, depending on the type of model, you can manage 20,30,50, or 100 pallets per hour.


Contact our experts for advice on the pallet turner that best suits your needs. Together, we will calculate the return on investment based on the many advantages that our pallet inverters can provide you, including automation.

How much does it cost to change the pallet manually?

The manual operation generates high costs that are not always considered, including the cost of labor. Several operators who change the pallet manually involve an extremely high cost, in proportion to what can be saved with an automatic machine.


With the purchase of a pallet tipper, the same operators will perform other activities without the risk of getting injured. The decrease in accidents will result in a decrease in personnel costs. Another cost that is not taken into consideration is the cost of shipping.


It is often overlooked that shipping finished products on pallets is a big loss in the long run. Many companies all over the world need Toppy pallet tippers at the end of the production process to save money.

Toppy’s pallet tippers

The Toppy production range is the largest in the world and has a solution for every type of company. It is also possible to customize the pallet tippers in such a way that they adapt perfectly to your needs.

Pallet Inverters differ from pallet changers because they handle products in a different way:


– Pallet tippers and pallet inverters, overturn and rotate the load;

– Pallet changers, transfer the product by applying lateral pressure and slightly lifting.

Who need pallet tipper?

If you manage products on pallets entering or leaving a company, you certainly need a pallet tipper. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food companies need to replace the pallet at the entrance with a new pallet for health and hygiene reasons. It also often happens that there is a need to change the pallet at the entrance because the products are moved inside only with a single standard pallet.


With a pallet tipper your company increases productivity and saves money.

Discover the health and hygiene benefits with a pallet tipper

This aspect mainly concerns companies in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. If you work in this sector, you will surely know the stringent health and hygiene regulations that limit the entry of unsanitary products or pallets into your warehouse.


Sanitized plastic pallets are therefore used to handle the products. However, plastic pallets have a higher cost, and are therefore never used for shipping. For this reason, the need arises to change the pallet at the entrance and exit of the warehouses.

How do you increase productivity with pallet tipper?

The internal productivity of a company is the factor most influenced by Toppy pallet tippers. The products are moved faster and more precisely with the possibility of semi-automatic or fully automatic automation of operations.


Our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution for you between load transfer systems, pallet transfer systems, fixed pallet changers, and mobile pallet changers. Toppy has both fully automatic systems to speed up the production flow, and mobile machinery that allows you to change the pallet in very restricted areas.