Cold Storage Freezer Spacer
Removal System


If you don’t know how to handle your freezer spacers in an optimized way, you have just found what you need. This cold storage freeze spacer removal system helps you to insert and remove freezer spacers in a simple and unique way.

Our pallet inverter starts the operation by tilting the load at 90° or 100°. Firstly, the operator trasports the loads with a pallet-jack on the lower platform.


The operator manages the machine with a control panel and actives the upper platform. The upper platform blocks safely the product and overturns the entire load on sideway. 


Toppy’s cold storage freezer spacer removal system widens the compactor in order to separate the product from freezer spacers and the pallet.


Subsequently, the operator remove all the freezer spacers and inserts the new pallet.  Our cold storage freezer spacer removal system closes the compactor, and returns in its initial position. At this point, the product is placed on the new pallet without plastic dividers. 


You can easily split or separate the load for inserting and removal of plastic layers because Toppy provides this pallet tipper  with a motorized roller table for moving   the load forwards or backwards.


It is also available without the motorized roller floor Pallet Tilter L-Shape Silver.

pallet inverter for tipping frozen products

It is a stationary pallet inverter available in various configurations depending on the product that need to be handled. This version of cold storage freezer spacer removal system has the same features as the standard model (L-Shape Silver). 


The only difference is that Toppy provides the laterally platform  with a movable rollers that can be unlockable and lockable.


We designed this solution in order to facilitate the division of products for the insertion and removal of freezer spacers and to facilitate the removal or insertion of pallets.


 “L-Shape Silver Splitter” deals with countless products and has a maximum capacity of 1.500 kg, with  a maximum height of up to 2.100 mm.

If you need an automatic pallet inverter with conveyors and pallet stackers, check out our pallet transfer systems. In particulary, “L-Shape Silver Splitter” is also available in the fully automatic version. 

We design and provide solutions for handling even the heaviest loads in a easy and safe manner. Toppy provides pallet inverters with safety systems to avoid accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards. 


Toppy supply cold storage freezer spacer removal system with safety fences that do not allow the operators entering in the area of the machine. These are security systems such as metal perimeter protection nets and safety photocells.

Contact our team of experts and within 24 hours they will give you the price of  “L-Shape Silver Splitter” and the price of other pallet inverter. Get advice on the solution that best suits your needs!

Get advice form our experts and 

choose the right cold storage freezer spacer removal system


If you are looking for a cold storage freezer spacer removal system, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from more than 50 models in our range. 


Firstly, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and eventually implement automation.