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This mobile pallet turner is an extremely versatile and compact electric-powered trolley that is capable of managing the pallet exchangin operation and speed-up the freezer spacers handling.  

The mobile pallet turner is an electrically powered trolley with a maximum capacity of 1500 kg, operated by tiller controls and powered by a gel battery. It is an extremely versatile and compact device that allows the replacement of the pallet to be carried out in very confined spaces, thus not requiring an area to be dedicated in the plant.


The mobile bench vault is equipped with the latest generation gel batteries with a duration of 8-10 hours. It is possible to increase the duration with larger batteries. In addition, to ensure that mobile devices have a non-stop operating cycle, we provide the optional “roll-on / roll-off”, a quick battery change system.

The pallet change operation takes place through the overturning and rotation of the product at 180 °. In fact, the pallet turning device approaches the goods and inserts two forks under the pallet which it takes places. Then, the forks inserted inside the pallet lift up the product from the base to place it on two upper forks. In this moment the product is completely locked and safe.


Conseguently, the product plus the pallet are turned over by 90 °. Once the overturning is complete, a 180 ° rotation of the entire pallet is carried out and then it is overturned again 90 ° to the initial position. Once these operations have been carried out, the product is overturned with the pallet that can be easily picked up by the operator. The pallet change operation therefore takes place thanks to the operator who manually removes the original pallet and inserts the destination pallet.


Subsequently, to have the product with the new pallet under it, it is necessary to perform the reverse operation, overturning the product and rotating it again by 180 °. Once these operations have been completed, the product with the destination pallet is ready for the required uses.

Toppy design and provide attachments for handling even the heaviest loads in a easy manner. Toppy provide pallet inverters with safety systems to avoid accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards.


With this mobile pallet inverter, equally with all other systems, Toppy will provide high safety standards

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