Mobile Maxi Toppy

Pallet Changer

“Maxi Toppy Pharma Advance”

This electric-powered mobile pallet turner is a highly versatile and compact device that streamlines the pallet exchange process and expedites handling of freezer spacers.

Freezer spacer removal machine pallet changer in operation, streamlining the pallet exchange process.

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Compact and Versatile Electric Pallet Turner: 

Maximum Capacity of 1500 kg

With a maximum capacity of 1500 kg, this electrically powered trolley is operated by tiller controls and powered by a gel battery. The mobile pallet turner is incredibly versatile and compact, allowing for pallet replacement to be performed in extremely tight spaces, without requiring a dedicated area within the plant.


Long-lasting Gel Batteries and
Seamless Battery Replacement

The mobile bench vault is equipped with state-of-the-art gel batteries that can last between 8-10 hours. If needed, larger batteries can be installed to extend its battery life. To ensure that the mobile devices have a non-stop operating cycle, we offer the optional “roll-on / roll-off” system, which allows for quick battery replacement.


Efficient Pallet Exchange Process: Secure Rotation and Easy Transfer

The pallet exchange process involves rotating the product 180°. Initially, the pallet turning device approaches the goods and inserts two forks underneath the pallet to lift it up from its base and onto two upper forks. At this point, the product is secured and completely safe.


The product, along with the pallet, is then rotated by 90°, followed by a 180° rotation of the entire pallet. The pallet is then rotated back by 90° to its initial position. With these operations complete, the product is now on the new pallet and can be easily picked up by the operator. The pallet exchange operation is carried out manually by the operator, who removes the original pallet and inserts the destination pallet.


To complete the process and have the product with the new pallet underneath it, the reverse operation is performed by overturning the product and rotating it again by 180°. Once this is complete, the product is ready for use with the new pallet.

Toppy is a company that designs and manufactures solutions for the easy handling of even the heaviest loads. Our pallet exchangers are equipped with safety systems that prevent workplace accidents, and comply with GMP standards to ensure appropriate quality standards.


Toppy’s commitment to safety extends to mobile pallet inverter, as with all our systems, where we provide high safety standards.

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