Freezer Spacers Insertion & Removal Machines

Freezer Spacer

Insertion & Removal Machines 

Explore the effortless handling of plastic freezer spacers and find the perfect freezer spacer removal (and insertion) machine designed to your specific requirements.

Automated Freezer Spacer Handling

Our advanced freezer spacer removal machines are designed to streamline and simplify the process. We offer two types of machines: mobile and fixed.


Both machines have been meticulously engineered to facilitate the effortless insertion and removal of freezer spacers. Experience the benefits of automated spacer handling, including reduced labor costs, improved workflow, and minimized downtime.

1. The Mobile Version

Our mobile freezer spacer removal machine provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to easily maneuver and transport it wherever it’s needed.


2. The Stationary Version

On the other hand, our fixed freezer spacer removal machine is a permanent solution for facilities requiring a dedicated workstation.