Scissor lifter pallet truck

scissor lifter pallet truck

Toppy Scissor Lifter is an electro-hydraulic lifting pallet truck designed to easily transport and lift heavy loads to the required working height. This forklift lifts the loads by means of an electro-hydraulic cylinder with chromed piston, controlled by the hydraulic unit enclosed in the compact body of the machine.

Electric scissor lifter pallet jack

It is an extremely versatile device that allows great stability in all conditions of use. It is equipped with automatic control of the descent speed through a hydraulic system. This system prevents damage to the product and avoids a fast descent of the load.


With the forks lowered, it can be used as easy to handle as any manual pallet truck.


Adjustable stabilizer: automatically extends to the floor when the forks reach a height of 420 mm, to ensure maximum stability and optimal braking.


Safety: brake system safety system on the handle. Avoid the sudden descent of the fork. The release handle can be securely screwed into the slow or fast lift position.


Maximum capacity: 1000 kg

CE certified and made in Italy

Technical data
Lifting capacity
1000 kg.
Min- and max. fork height
85mm and 800 mm.
Forks width
680 mm.
Fork length
1550 mm