Pallet truck

Pallet Truck

Toppy speedy is an electric pallet truck designed to easily transport and lift heavy loads. It is capable of carrying loads up to a weight of 1200 kg. It is equipped with an electric motor that allows both the handling and lifting of the pallets from the ground.

Pallet Jack Toppy Speedy

The operator accompanies the pallet truck and manages it using commands. The fact that the two operations are carried out automatically allows the operator to carry out the most demanding tasks more precisely and quickly. This is reflected in improved operational efficiency and reduced safety risks for warehouse workers.


As for the technical specifications of the electric pallet truck, it is a real motorized trolley. You can notice the presence of some precautions designed to ensure a safe use of the pallet truck, such as the presence of an emergency stop button and a button that allows reversal of direction and an automatic electronic brake. .


It is a trolley that guarantees maximum safety, avoids accidental overturning of goods and other potential accidents. It requires minimal maintenance and can travel both short and long distances, and is suitable for light duty or heavy, continuous work. It has a quick-connect removable battery that allows you to use a spare battery to prolong activities and make the truck operational 24 hours a day.


The trolley is equipped with an electronic key that enables operation and prevents use by unauthorized persons. It responds efficiently to the various needs of use in the warehouse.

Technical data
Lifting capacity
1200 kg.
Fork height
80 mm.
Fork dimensions
53x150x1150 mm.
Electric lifting and lowering
Gel battery voltage
24 V 20 Ah