Toppy Spider


Presented at Logimat 2023, the Spider Inverter represents the new generation of pallet changers capable of replacing pallets without tilting.

This versatile machine is designed to change pallets quickly and efficiently, even in tight spaces. With a maximum capacity of 1,500 kg and a maximum height of 2,000 mm, the Spider Inverter can handle a wide range of loads, including sacks, bottles, drums, big bags, and other rotating and non-rotating products.


The Spider Inverter Stationary Pallet Changer in action, transferring materials between two pallets using its spider-like mechanism. This innovative machine offers an efficient and safe solution for material handling in manufacturing and warehouse environments.

The Spider Inverter can perform pallet changes in two different modes: tilting mode and non-tilting mode. In tilting mode, the machine rotates the product 180 degrees allowing the pallet to be removed and repositioned onto the new pallet. The load is completely secured and safe throughout the entire operation. The operator manually removes the old pallet and inserts the new one. To complete the process, the load is rotated again by 180 degrees, ready to be transported.


The non-tilting mode, the Spider Inverter laterally locks the load, allowing the pallet to be separated and replaced. The operator then inserts a new pallet which, once positioned under the load, allows for the release of the product and the completion of the operation.


The Spider Inverter is ideal for various industrial sectors, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, ceramic, and more. With its compact size and versatility, the Spider Inverter is a valuable addition to any warehouse or production line.

Toppy specializes in designing and providing attachments that make it easy to handle even the heaviest loads. In addition to this, Toppy offers pallet inverters that come equipped with safety systems to prevent accidents at work, with particular attention paid to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards.


Whether it’s a mobile pallet inverter or any other system, Toppy always maintains high safety standards to ensure the safety of its users.

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