Stationary Pallet Inverters

Stationary Pallet Inverters

The fastest and most innovative in the world

Toppy designs the fastest stationary pallet inverters in the world capable of handling any type of product at very high speeds. They are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

New Pallet inverter

(Dual mode of exchange)

New Machine with

pallet dispensers

The New Advanced

Pallet Inverter 2023

New Pallet Swapping 

with robot depalletizer

Best seller all

around the world

Tilting the load

at 90° or 95°

For the insertion and removal of freezer spacers

The Classic Stationary Pallet Inverters

Load the products

with a pallet jack

The first inverter

designed in 1995

The standard

pallet inverter

Change the pallet without overturning
the load with our stationary pallet changer

If your products cannot be overturned, discover our stationary pallet changers that replace the load by slightly applying lateral pressure and lifting it off the pallet.

New pallet sliding device (Safe)

New Pallet inverter

(Dual mode of exchange)

One of our Best-Seller

(60 seconds x change)

Safe lateral transferring

of the load

Automatic pallet changer with dispensers

Safe lateral

load pressure

Change the pallet

& divide the load

Safe frontal transferring

of the load

The Benefits of Using a Stationary Pallet Inverter in Your Warehouse


As a warehouse manager, it’s important to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and streamline operations. One piece of equipment that can help with this is a stationary pallet inverter.

What is a stationary pallet inverter?


A stationary pallet inverter, also known as a pallet flip machine, is a machine that is used to rotate a pallet 180 degrees. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when pallets need to be rotated for storage or transportation, or when they need to be unloaded from a truck.

Stationary pallet inverter handling milk bottles
Stationary pallet inverter handling little boxes

Main Benefits with a stationary pallet inverter


One of the main benefits of using a stationary pallet inverter is increased efficiency. Because the machine can flip pallets quickly and easily, it can save time and labor compared to manually flipping them by hand. This can be especially beneficial in high volume warehouse environments where pallets need to be rotated frequently.

In addition to increased efficiency, stationary pallet inverters can also help improve safety in the warehouse. Manually flipping pallets can be physically demanding and potentially dangerous, especially if the pallet is heavy or unstable. With a stationary pallet inverter, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as the machine does all the heavy lifting.

Inline pallet inverter with stackers and agv
Inline pallet changer with roller conveyor and automatic centering system

Bonus benefit with our advanced solutions


Another benefit of using a stationary pallet inverter is that it can help reduce damage to pallets and the products they contain. When pallets are manually flipped, there is a risk of them being dropped or mishandled, which can lead to damage. With a stationary pallet inverter, the risk of damage is greatly reduced, as the pallets are rotated smoothly and securely.


Overall, stationary pallet inverters can be a valuable addition to any warehouse. They can help improve efficiency, safety, and reduce the risk of damage to pallets and the products they contain. If you’re looking for ways to streamline operations in your warehouse, consider investing in a pallet inverter.

Discover other mobile solution or automatic systems


Toppy is the only company in the world able to provide both mobile solutions and pallet transfer systems. Based on the type of product, the production flow, and the space in the warehouse, our experts will recommend the most suitable solution.