Pallet retriever

Pallet Retriever
“Toppy Pallet Retriever”

This pallet retriever carries out the pallet change operation by rotating the entire load in a safe and effective way.

“Toppy Retriever” is an electrically powered pallet retriever operated by tiller controls. Thanks to its versatility, it allows a quickly pallet change in very confined spaces without dedicating a specific area of your factory for this operation.


It can handle products that have good stability such as boxes with a maximum weight of 1200 kg and a maximum height of 2 meters.

This mobile pallet inverter has a side control panel where you will be able to control all the operations. In a few seconds it is possible to replace the pallet by manually removing it from the bottom of the load. 


It’s possible to replace damaged products also placed at the base of the load without waste of resources and with higher levels of safety.


Our pallet retriever works with with the latest generation gel batteries with a duration of 8-10 hours. For a non-stop operating cycle, Toppy provides the optional “roll-on / roll-off ”, an optional for quickly change the battery. 

Check out this solution capable also of moving goods inside the warehouse. 

mobile pallet retriever

You will start the operation by inserting two forks at the base of the pallet.

“Toppy Retriever” will compacts the load to make it stable and tiltable at 95°. 


Subsequently, the forks will rotates the entire load in order to allow the manual remotion of the pallet . At this stage,  it is possible to easily replace the pallet or remove any damaged products.


Finally, the new pallet is compacted to the load and you will be able to brings the entire load back to the initial position.

Toppy design and provide attachments for handling even the heaviest loads in a easy manner. Toppy provide pallet inverters with safety systems to avoid accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards.


With pallet retrievers, equally with all other systems, Toppy will provide high safety standards.

Contact our team of experts and within 24 hours they will give you the price of portable pallet inverter “Pharma Advance” and the price of other pallet inverters. Get advice on the solution that best suits your needs!

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If you are looking for a pallet retriever, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from more than 50 models in our range.


Firstly, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and eventually implement automation.