Mobile Pallet Inverters

Mobile Pallet Inverters

Compact and versatile for any area of ​​the warehouse

Our mobile pallet inverters can be used in any area of your warehouse and capable of handling also heavy, bulky, unstable and fragile products.

1.000 kg capacity

The Original

1.500 kg capacity

The Original

Dual Change: Turning or Pressing the load

Turn over your

empty bins in drums

Suitable for pallets

of different sizes

Mobile pallet tilter for non turnable loads

Change the pallet without overturning the load

If your products cannot be overturned, you can find the solution among our mobile pallet changers. They have been specifically designed for safely handling products without overturning them.


Patented in 2023

Safely applies lateral

pressure to the load

Change the pallet

& split the load

Safely transfer the load

by lateral pressure

What is a mobile pallet inverter?


Mobile pallet inverter is a type of material handling equipment designed to quickly and efficiently flip pallets upside down. These machines are commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities where pallets are frequently handled and stored.

Mobile pallet inverter handling bags

Benefits with Toppy’s Solution


With a mobile pallet inverter, a single worker can operate the machine to invert pallets, saving time and labor compared to flipping them manually. Additionally, our pallet inverter can improve safety in the workplace by reducing the risk of injury associated with handling heavy and awkward pallets. 

In addition to increasing efficiency and improving safety, mobile pallet inverters can also help to improve the organization and efficiency of a facility by making it easier to access and organize the items stored on pallets. Overall, a mobile pallet inverter can be a valuable investment for any facility looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

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