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Do you need to change the pallet, but you can’t overturn your product? Look to our pallet exchangers! Choose in more than 50 possible solution and find your suitable pallet exchanger. We will also advice you according to your production flow, warehouse spaces, and products to be handled.

What is the function of a pallet exchanger?

The pallet exchanger is a machine that changes the pallet to products. With Toppy pallet exchangers it is possible to exchange the pallet with another pallet or a slip shet according to the type of product.


If you need to change the pallet, contact our experts to find the solutions that suits you best.

Why is there a need for pallet changing machines?

Pallet changing machines are in demand because they perform safer and faster than operators.


Changing the pallet is a necessary operation when entering the warehouses because the products arriving from the outside are placed on pallets that are not allowed inside. Many companies move products inside their warehouses with a standard pallet and it is for this reason that products arriving from the outside must be placed on a different pallet.


The pallet change operation is also required at the end of the production process when the finished products have to be shipped. This is because the standard pallet that comes inside the warehouse cannot be used because it has a high cost. When shipping products, it happens that there is a need to replace the standard pallet used in the warehouse with a less thick pallet. This way you can reduce the cost of shipping.

By relying on the machines that change the pallet, the risks of injury to your employees are also eliminated. All Toppy systems are designed with the aim of minimizing the effort of operators who can help change pallets with a forklift or transpallet.

Easy-to-use mobile machines utilizable in any space..

Semi-automatic solutions capable of handling every loads in confined space.

Completely automate the operation and increase the  production flow.

Get advice from our experts


Together, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and the possibly the level of automation to be implemented.

Calculate the return on investment of a pallet exchanger

Our experts will calculate with you the return of investment that is obtained by purchasing a pallet exchanger. Your situation will be analyzed by knowing the cost of the operators currently working on changing manually the pallet, combined to the number of pallets that need to be changed per houe. Relying on an automatic pallet changer solution allows you to speed up the operation and save on operator costs.

With the ROI you can calculate the return on investment in the short and long term.

The disadvantages of changing the pallet manually

One of the main costs is the labour cost. The cost of operators is an expense that could increase over time due to injuries. This is a cost with no return on investment.

The machines that automatically change the pallet significantly increase the safety of the operators and speed up the operation. Toppy has in its range pallet transfer systems capable of handling up to 100 pallets per hour. Toppy’s patented pallet exchangers are the safest and fastest in the world.

Toppy’s pallet exchangers

Toppy is the world leader in the pallet changing sector because it has over 50 different models according to each specific need. Toppy is the only company in the world able to design load transfer systems to automatically change the pallet with management performance up to 100 pallets per hour.


Toppy experts will advise you on the most suitable solution according to your characteristics:


– The type of product;

– The weight, height and volume;

– The arrangement of products on pallets;

– According to the number of pallets to be changed in one day;

– Depending on the space in the warehouse;

Based on these main values, our experts will recommend the most suitable solution for you.

The first detail to understand is whether your product can be turned for pallet changing.

If your product can be overturned, our experts will recommend a pallet turner.

If your product cannot be overturned, our experts will recommend a pallet changer.


Change the pallet for sanitary reasons

If you work in a company in the pharmaceutical or food sector, you will have heard about the stringent health and hygiene regulations. Unhygienic products and pallets cannot enter into “white zone” because they would contaminate the area. For this reason, there is a need to change the pallet that comes from outside with a sanitized pallet, which very often is a plastic pallet.

Automate with Toppy’s pallet changers

With Toppy pallet exchangers it is possible to fully automate the pallet changing operation. Our load transfer systems can be integrated with automatic warehouses. From a logistical point of view, changing the pallet manually is counterproductive. It is much more effective to implement your own plant with systems that manage operations in complete autonomy. Contact our experts to let you customize your system!

Save with Toppy pallet exchangers

With Toppy pallet exchangers you use less manpower and reduce the cost of personnel. In the medium and long term, it is possible to calculate the increase in margins and the great savings obtained.At the same time, it is possible to increase production results without having to invest more in labor. Find out all the benefits of a pallet changer by contacting our experts.

What pallet changing machines are there?

Toppy has over 50 pallet exchanger models. The three main categories are mobile machines, fixed station machines and fully automatic systems:


– The mobile machines are for all those who don’t have space in the warehouse to dedicate to the operation and would like a versatile and compact solution;


– Fixed station machines are for those who wish to carry out the operation in a specific area of ​​the company with a certain number of pallets that need to be managed per day;


– Fully automatic systems are for those who wish to fully automate the pallet change operation and who need to manager a consistent flow of products.