Stationary Falcon Wings

“Stationary Falcon Wings”

“Stationary Falcon Wings” is the fixed version of the “Falcon Wings”, one of the best-selling models in Toppy’s lineup. It excels in safely handling even the most unstable, fragile, and non-tipping products. It’s available in the mobile version.

The operation of the pallet changer machine starts when the two platforms apply lateral pressure to the product. Using the pallet changer’s joystick you can lift the product from the pallet and insert the extendable blades at the base of the load for enhanced security.


At this stage, you have the option to manually replace the pallet using either a pallet jack or a forklift.


The key feature of this pallet changer machine lies in its blades. These blades not only provide stability to the load but also allow for adjustable pressure on the products. This portable pallet changer is suitable for handling various types of unstable, fragile, or non-tipping products.


Once you have changed the pallet you can lower the load on the new pallet, you can now extract the blades and return them to their initial position.


Throughout the pallet changing process, the machine securely clamps the product, ensuring its safety.

Introducing the “Falcon Wings” electric-powered stationary machine, an exceptional solution for handling delicate, unstable, and non-tipping products. It features innovative blades that seamlessly slide beneath the product during pallet lifting, providing enhanced security.


This versatile machine allows for quick and seamless pallet change operations. Equipped with a convenient wire control system at the front, it facilitates easy blade insertion.


Experience the reliability and safety of the “Falcon Wings” as it securely clamps the product throughout the pallet changing process. Upgrade to this stationary version, a top choice among Toppy’s best-selling models, for optimal handling of even the most challenging products.

Toppy specializes in designing and supplying pallet changer machine that effortlessly handle heavy loads. Our range of pallet changers is equipped with advanced safety systems to prevent workplace accidents, adhering to the highest GMP standards for ensuring quality.


When it comes to pallet changer machines, as with all our systems, Toppy prioritizes maintaining exceptional safety standards.

Get in touch with our team, and within 24 hours, they will provide you with pricing details for the “Stationary Falcon Wings” as well as other pallet changers. Take advantage of expert advice from our team!

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