Stationary Falcon Wings Splitter

“Stationary Falcon Wings Splitter”

The “Falcon Wings Splitter” represents the stationary model of Toppy’s immensely popular Falcon Wings. This variation excels at dividing the load and it showcases outstanding capabilities in managing even the most challenging, delicate, and sensitive products while ensuring maximum safety. It is availabe also in the mobile version.

The operation of this fixed pallet changer machine begins by applying lateral pressure to the product through its two platforms. Utilizing the joystick controls, you can effortlessly lift the product from the pallet or divide it, inserting the extendable blades at the base of the load to enhance its security.


Once this step is completed, you have the option to manually replace the pallet using a pallet jack or a forklift, or you can transfer the divided load to a new pallet. The blades play a crucial role in this pallet changer machine, providing stability to the load while allowing precise regulation of the pressure exerted on the products. This fixed pallet changer is designed to handle various types of unstable, fragile, or sensitive products.


After successfully placing the load onto the new pallet, retracting the blades to their initial position is a simple task. In the final stage, the fixed pallet changer releases the load onto the pallet by opening the pressers.


Throughout the entire pallet change process, the machine firmly secures the product, ensuring the utmost safety. Even if you are dealing with an exceptionally delicate item, you can trust that this solution will handle your load with care by applying safe lateral pressure.

A pallet changer machine efficiently swapping pallets in a warehouse

Operating as an electrically powered fixed unit, it effortlessly responds to tiller controls and relies on battery power for seamless operation. Its distinguishing characteristic lies in its ability to handle delicate, unstable, and non-tipping products, owing to the incorporation of two blades that deftly maneuver beneath the load during the lifting process.


This versatile solution guarantees swift pallet change operations, even within exceedingly confined spaces. To amplify convenience, the machine features a wire control system, enabling effortless management of operations from the front and simplifying the insertion of the two blades.


It is equipped with cutting-edge gel batteries, ensuring an impressive runtime of 8-10 hours. To ensure uninterrupted operation, Toppy offers the optional “roll-on/roll-off” feature, facilitating swift battery replacement and ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Toppy excels in the design of solutions that facilitate the seamless handling of heavy loads. Our unwavering dedication to workplace safety is evident in the pallet changers we offer, as we place paramount importance on implementing robust safety systems. Our steadfast commitment to adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards guarantees the attainment of the highest quality benchmarks.

When it comes to pallet changer machines, as is the case with all our systems, Toppy surpasses expectations by establishing and upholding stringent safety measures. We fully grasp the significance of fostering a secure working environment, and our products exemplify our unwavering commitment to delivering elevated safety standards.

Get in touch with our dedicated team, and rest assured that within a span of 24 hours, you’ll receive the pricing details for the “Falcon Wings Splitter” as well as other exceptional pallet changers. Furthermore, our team of experts is readily accessible to offer you invaluable guidance and advice to meet your specific needs.

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When it comes to discovering the perfect pallet changer machine, our team of experts is ready to support you. With a wide array of over 50 models to choose from, we will offer personalized advice to assist you in making the best decision.


To start off, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your specific requirements, considering factors such as the characteristics of your product, the daily volume of pallet changes, the available space, and the potential for automation. By taking these critical aspects into consideration, we can identify the most fitting solution that caters to your individual needs.

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