Layer Depalletizer

Layer Depalletizer

“Side Mover Splitter”

The “Side Mover Splitter” is a layer depalletizer that efficiently lifts, splits, and laterally transfers your load onto a new pallet in the simplest, safest, and fastest manner.

Layer depalletizer in action

Contact our team of experts and within 24 hours they will give you the price of “Side Mover Splitte” and the price of other pallet changers. Get advice on the solution that best suits your needs!

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If you are looking for a pallet changer machine, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from more than 50 models in our range. 

Firstly, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and eventually implement automation. 

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The “Side Mover Splitter” is designed to switch pallets and divide the load by applying lateral pressure and lifting the product, streamlining the process of transferring from one pallet to another.


The operation commences by positioning the entire load onto the machine. Both pallets are then positioned side by side, making it seamless to transfer the load from one pallet to the other.

We design and provide solutions for handling even the heaviest loads in a easy and safe manner. Toppy provides pallet changers with safety systems to avoid accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards.


Toppy supply load transfer machine with safety fences that do not allow the operators entering in the area of the machine. These are security systems such as metal perimeter protection nets and safety photocells.

This load transfer machine replaces the pallet by applying lateral pressure to the product and gently lifting it.

The “Side Mover Splitter” is capable of handling even fragile products weighing up to 1200 kg. If you have products that cannot be turned or tilted, this could be the perfect solution for your needs.

The pressure applied to the load is highly delicate, thanks to the option of direct adjustment using a pressure gauge or a pressure selector with four preset positions.