Pallet sliding and pressing device

Pallet sliding & pressing device 
“Easy Silver One”

Thanks to the slight lateral pressure applied to the product, “Easy Silver One” can exchange pallets 100% safely by lifting them up from the pallet.

Umpalettiere für effiziente Warenbewegung in der Lagerhaltung

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1. (Toppy’s Unique Feature) – Preventing product damage during pallet sliding with gentle pressure and lifting

Product safety is crucial. Soft lateral pressure and patented pins ensure pallet exchange without damaging products, even with nails or broken pallets.

2. (Toppy’s Unique Feature) – Adjustable pressure

A slight pressure and lifting of the product from the pallet is necessary to prevent product damage during pallet sliding. It’s adjustable via a pressure gauge based on the product.

3. (Toppy’s unique feature) – It can be equipped with an automatic pallet stacker

“Easy Silver One” can integrate with a pallet stacker for storing replaced pallets behind the machine. Check out the automatic version with pallet stacker here!

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Receive Expert Guidance and Select the Perfect Pallet Changer for Your Needs


If you’re in the market for a pallet changer, our team of experts is here to guide you towards the most suitable solution from our extensive range of over 50 models.


To begin, we’ll work with you to identify the perfect solution based on several key factors, including the nature of your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed per day, the space available in your facility, and whether automation would be beneficial.

The pallet replacement process begins with the operator placing the entire load onto the machine. The product is then separated from the pallet with the help of side pressers that laterally block the product, allowing the operator to remove the old pallet without moving the load.


Once the old pallet is pushed back by the pallet jack, the operator lifts the forks of the pallet jack to place the new pallet under the product. At this stage, the operator can remotely control the opening of the side pressers to release the product onto the new pallet.


The pallet changing operation is complete when the new pallet is positioned under the load. Finally, the entire load can be extracted from the pallet transfer station. Our Silver One solution is a highly efficient and user-friendly option for quick and easy pallet changing operations.

At Toppy, we specialize in designing and delivering solutions that make handling even the heaviest loads a breeze, while ensuring the utmost safety for workers. Our pallet changers come equipped with advanced safety systems that prevent accidents on the job, and we adhere to strict GMP standards to ensure top-notch quality.


Our pallet transfer stations are fitted with safety fences that prevent operators from entering the machine’s area, providing an additional layer of protection. We employ state-of-the-art security measures such as metal perimeter protection nets and safety photocells, to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. With Toppy’s solutions, you can rest assured that your operations will be both efficient and safe.