Mobile Falcon Wings Splitter

“Mobile Falcon Wings Splitter”

The “Falcon Wings Splitter” is the splitter version of the claddic “Falcon Wings”, that excels in dividing the load. It boasts exceptional capabilities in handling even the most precarious, fragile, and non-tipping products with utmost safety. It is availabe in the fixed version.

This pallet changer machine initiates the operation by applying lateral pressure to the product through its two platforms. With the aid of the mobile pallet changer’s joystick, you can effortlessly lift the product from the pallet or split it and insert the extendable blades at the load’s base to enhance its security.


Once this step is complete, you can manually replace the pallet using a pallet jack or a forklift or you can move the splitted load to a new pallet. The blades serve as the pivotal feature of this pallet changer machine, making the load more stable while enabling regulation of the pressure exerted on the products. This portable pallet changer is suitable for handling various types of unstable, fragile, or non-tipping products.


After placing the load on the new pallet, you can easily retract the blades to their initial position. In the final stage, the portable pallet changer will release the load onto the pallet by opening the pressers.


Throughout the pallet change operation, the machine firmly secures the product with the utmost safety. Even if you possess an exceptionally delicate item, rest assured that this solution will delicately handle your load by applying safe lateral pressure.

The “Falcon Wings Splitter” represents the Splitter version of this powerful machine, designed to divide the load with exceptional efficiency. As an electrically powered trolley, it operates effortlessly through tiller controls and relies on battery power. Its standout feature lies in its ability to handle delicate, unstable, and non-tipping products, all thanks to the incorporation of two blades that delicately maneuver underneath the load during the lifting process.


This versatile solution ensures swift pallet change operations, even within extremely confined spaces. To further enhance convenience, the machine is equipped with a wire control system that allows for seamless management of operations from the front, simplifying the insertion of the two blades.


Our range of pallet changer machines utilizes cutting-edge gel batteries, guaranteeing a remarkable runtime of 8-10 hours. For uninterrupted operation, Toppy offers the optional “roll-on/roll-off” feature, which enables rapid battery replacement, ensuring continuous productivity.

Toppy specializes in designing and supplying solutions that enable the effortless handling of heavy loads. Our commitment to workplace safety is reflected in the pallet changers we offer, as we prioritize implementing robust safety systems. Our unwavering focus on adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards ensures the highest quality standards are met.

When it comes to pallet changer machines, Toppy goes above and beyond to establish and maintain stringent safety measures. We understand the importance of creating a secure working environment, and our products reflect our dedication to providing high safety standards.

Get in touch with our dedicated team, and rest assured that within a span of 24 hours, you’ll receive the pricing details for the highly sought-after “Falcon Wings Splitter” as well as other exceptional pallet changers. Additionally, our team of experts is readily available to provide you with valuable guidance and advice.

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To begin, we will carefully assess your specific requirements, taking into account factors such as the nature of your product, the volume of pallet changes needed per day, the available space, and the potential for automation. By considering these crucial aspects, we can pinpoint the most suitable solution that meets your unique needs.