Mobile pallet changers

Mobile Pallet Changers

Capable of handling any type of product

Toppy’s patented mobile pallet changers do not require a specific area for the pallet changing operations in your warehouse. 

The Best-Seller 

Patented by Toppy

Split the load

and change the pallet

Safe lateral

pressure to the load

Change the pallet

& split the load

Safely transfer the load

by lateral pressure

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Toppy also has other types of mobile pallet inverter capable of managing the pallet by overturning the load.

1.000 kg capacity

The Original.

1.500 kg

The Original. 

Dual Change: Turning or Pressing the load

Turn over your

empty bins in drums

Suitable for pallets

of different sizes

Mobile pallet tilter for non turnable loads

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Pallet Changer in Your Warehouse


As a warehouse manager, you know how important it is to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. One piece of equipment that can help with this is a mobile pallet changer.

What is a mobile pallet changer?


A mobile pallet changer is a machine that is used to change pallets without the need for manual labor. It can be used to transfer pallets from one location to another within the warehouse, or to move pallets onto or off of trucks or other vehicles.

the best mobile pallet changer with extendable blades
Falcon wings mobile pallet changer removing bags from a pallet

Main benefits with Toppy’s Solutions


One of the main benefits of using a Toppy mobile pallet changer is increased efficiency. Because the machine can change pallets quickly and easily, it can save time and labor compared to doing it manually. This can be especially beneficial in high volume warehouse environments where pallets need to be changed frequently.

Improve your safety in the warehouse 


In addition to increased efficiency, mobile pallet changers can also help improve safety in the warehouse. Changing pallets manually can be physically demanding and potentially dangerous, especially if the pallet is heavy or unstable. With a mobile pallet changer, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, as the machine does all the heavy lifting.

Another benefit of using a pallet changer is that it can help reduce damage to pallets and the products they contain. When pallets are changed manually, there is a risk of them being dropped or mishandled, which can lead to damage. With a mobile pallet changer, the risk of damage is greatly reduced, as the pallets are changed smoothly and securely.


Overall, mobile pallet changers can be a valuable addition to any warehouse. They can help improve efficiency, safety, and reduce the risk of damage to pallets and the products they contain. If you’re looking for ways to streamline operations in your warehouse, consider investing in a mobile pallet changer.

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