Shape Control & Load Detection


Shape Control & Load Detection boxes

Loads are subjected to risky stresses as they are usually moved along uneven paths that can change the shape and profile of the product.


Therefore, checking the incoming load on the logistics line, checking its dimensions, weight, height, degree of inclination, the presence of twisted piles of product, allows you to transfer an important amount of information to the PLC of the line that can study corrective systems of the product during the next phase of pallet change.

The detection of a load displaced with respect to the perimeter of the pallet, then allows us to reposition it in the center of the receiving pallet to ensure greater stability of the product during transport or possible storage in automatic warehouses where the standardization of loads is the basis of system reliability and ensures maximum automation performance.


Thanks to the installation of photoelectric sensors on a special structure, the contour of the loads is checked and controlled in order to prevent excessively oversized products from hitting the logistics systems, damaging them and also causing unnecessary product losses.

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