Load centering and squaring device


Automatic centering system Load centering and squaring device

This system is used with the pallet changer operation for centering the product on the pallet.

When the products arrive inside the device must be centered in order to be then repositioned in the same position. The centering system, electric or pneumatic, is essential to center the product on the pallet.


We explain in detail how the pallet centering operation takes place:


1. The product does not arrive centered on the pallet (green circle). When the pallet changer machine, in this case Toppy V-Shape, starts to overturn, the centering system locks into the pallet.


2. The V-Shape pallet changer is now with the product overturned


3. The pallet that need to be replaced returns to initial position without the goods


4.The pallet rack and the centering system leave the pallet in order to allow its extraction


5. The new pallet is simply placed on the platform because the correct centered is allowed and executed by the centering system and the pallet lock


6. The pallet can now be tilted under the products, after the V-Shape pallet changer returns to the horizontal with the products on the new pallet. When the load touches the ground, the centering system and the pallet lock leave the pallet in order to allow the extraction. At this moment the product is definitely centered on the pallet regardless of how it was initially positioned on the original pallet.

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