Film Cutting Station


Pallet inverter with automatic film cutting station

Our plant’s division is constantly looking for solutions to improve the workplace both in terms of quality and safety, but also economic ones for the optimization of production and human resources.

The wrapping of the products that affect the base of the pallet makes everything more stable and supportive during transportation.

In order to prevent the operator from handling sharp tools in uncomfortable positions that could lead to potential situations of professional risk, Toppy completes its logistics lines with an automatic film cutting station that cuts the plastic on the side. On request, it is possible to cut the wrap also under the pallet in order to prepare the load for the next pallet change operation with the Toppy overturning systems.

The automatic film engraving operation is carried out safely on our logistics lines, combined with the separation of the pallet from the overturning pallet changer, eliminating the manual operation, maximizing the performance of the line.

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