Automatic Labeling Machine


Automatic Labeling Machine Labelling station

Toppy provides on request an automatic labeling machine for the product labelled according to the customer’s needs.


Thanks to a complete reader with camera, the label codes are read at the entrance of the line and the product information is transferred to the PLC which processes and transforms it according to the type of pallet that is changed. The load data associated with the final destination pallet is repositioned by the printed system and applied to the same initial load.


Systems supplied by Toppy are able to integrate with the most current company management systems. The automation of the labeling process allows you to safely transfer, safe from manual error. This system let you store information for possible future traceability of the load.

Automatic Labeling Machine Labelling station boxes
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If you are looking for a pallet changer machine, our experts will advise you on the most suitable solution by choosing from more than 50 models in our range.


Firstly, we will identify the most suitable solution according to your product, the number of pallets that need to be changed in a day, the space you have available and eventually implement automation.