Clearing Airlock – Toppy dedusting cabin

Cleaning airlock

“Toppy Dedustin Cabin”

The cabin is constructed with stainless steel walls featuring a scotch Brite finish and is equipped with ceiling lights to provide internal lighting.


The unit comprises a cleanroom airlock with interlocked doors and a system for blowing and air purification. Additionally, there is the possibility of integrating an extra blowing system with compressed air nozzles or a film cutting machine positioned at the start of the line.

Cleaning Airlock master inverter with dedusting cabin

The cabin is made with stainless steel walls with a scotch Brite finish, equipped with ceiling lights for internal lighting.


The operating principle of pulverization is based on the action of high-speed air jets filtered through a HEPA filter. The launch of the air jets comes from adjustable and nozzle diffusers, mounted on a C-frame secured to the Master inverter.


The recirculated air, before being filtered by the HEPA filter, passes through n. 2 prefilters G4.


The maintenance of the prefilters is foreseen inside the cabin, through removable frames.


A high-pressure electric fan allows the recirculation of the air and the expulsion of 10% of the same, after filtration in order to keep the interior at negative pressure.


The HEPA filter is positioned in the upper external part of the cabin. The clogging control of the HEPA filter is managed by a MAGNEHELIC differential pressure gauge (scale 0-500 la)

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