Cleaning airlock – Cleanroom

Dedustin cabin

Ensure Load Sanitization Prior to Warehouse Entry

Eliminate microorganism contamination by removing dust from loads originating from uncontrolled warehouse areas

Toppy Fully Automatic Dedustin Cabin

Pallet changer system

with dedusting cabin

Enhancing Load Safety: Contamination Prevention and Controlled Environment Solutions

Remove contamination from your loads caused by microorganisms and dust originating from uncontrolled warehouse areas.


  • Sanitize your loads: Ensuring effective cleaning and proper disinfection of the loads is essential to preserve their integrity and safety. Sanitization helps eliminate any present microorganisms, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

  • Controlled air cleaning: Utilizing controlled air cleaning systems helps maintain a clean environment free from harmful particles. This helps prevent the entry of dust and other contaminants into the load storage area.

  • Integrable pallet exchanger: Integrating a pallet exchanger allows for efficient management of the loads without the need for manual handling. This reduces the risk of contamination from human contact and ensures safe load handling.

  • Controlled air pressure: Maintaining controlled air pressure within the load storage area is crucial to prevent the entry of unwanted particles. Precise air pressure control helps maintain a clean and protected environment.


These measures contribute to ensuring the quality and integrity of your loads, preventing contamination from microorganisms, and minimizing risks associated with uncontrolled warehouse environments.