If you are looking for a quick, compact, and safe pallet changing solution, you are in the right place. Toppy offers more than 50 different pallet changers for each unique need, capable of handling every type of product.

The pallet exchanger function is to transfer the load from one pallet to another. With Toppy’s Pallet Changers, you will be able to improve your material handling automation and speed up your workflow at the same time.


Toppy’s pallet changers are available in mobile and stationary versions, or as pallet transfer system to completely automate the operation.


In our range of production composed by more than 50 solutions, you will find pallet transfer systems. If you have an automatic warehouse and you need to speed up the pallet changing operation, these systems can be extremely useful. One of the most important advantages is that no operators are required to assist the operation. In this way, you will reduce costs, injury risks, and see a noticeable ROI.


Automatic pallet exchanger systems are solutions able to perform the operation very quickly. They are considered to be the fastest pallet changing solutions with the highest level of automation. More speed correlates to a better cycle performance and an even greater ROI.


Our range of production is also composed by pallet changers and pallet inverters. Based on the type of product to handle, whether it is fragile, frozen, or not able to be momentarily turned upside down, we can supply you with the right solution without any problem. Toppy always has a solution suitable to solve every pallet changing need. With more than 45 years of experience in this sector, we are also able to advise you the best pallet changer or pallet inverter model based off of our choice on your unique and specific characteristics.

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changers solutions

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Completely automates the pallet exchange operation

Sanitize loads before entering the warehouse

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Tilts piles of paper or cardboard of any type

Handle reels improving safety and productivity 

Organize the pallets in

your warehouse

Toppy patented automatic palletizer for load assembly



This pallet inverter is one of the fastest automatic solutions in the world. It change the pallet without the need of operators. “The Game Changer” not only changes the pallet, it is also equipped with two pallet dispensers.

One holds all the arrival pallets which are gradually removed, the other releases the new pallets to be inserted at the bottom..

The operator’s only task is to place and pick up the products at the beginning and at the end of the operation. However, through the pallet transfer systems it is possible to obtain the fully automatic cycle.



This is the newest mobile pallet changer available in mobile or fixed version able to change the pallet by lifting the load. It is equipped with two lateral platform for safely lift the load and separate it from the pallet.

The the load is lifted and supported by two extendable blades positioned at the base (wings).

The pallet can then be removed using a pallet-jack.

The Falcon Wings is a machine patented in 2022 capable of handling up to 40 pallets for loads up to 1500 kg.


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If you are looking for a new solution to save operating costs and to speed up the pallet changing activity, you can’t make the wrong decision with Toppy. During the years, we have developed more than 50 pallet inverters for every special characteristic.


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Both categories are designed to carry out the pallet changing operation. The difference between a pallet changer and a pallet inverter is the way which the operation is carried out.