Toppy among the best 1,000 companies

Toppy among the best 1,000 companies

The National Newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino” published a summary of the economic analysis carried out on the companies that best performed between 2017 and 2020.




Among these, we found TOPPY, an innovative company that designs and sells innovative devices for handling loads on pallets.

Toppy Resto del Carlino

Emilia-Romagna, the region in where TOPPY has the warehouse, is highlighted as one of the regions with the highest number of “champion companies”. To be part of the small circle of the best companies it is necessary to have financial credibility and certain company policies. Certainly, having eco-sustainability as a priority, attention to employees and continuous investments in development and design, has allowed the company to be positioned among the regional elite.

TOPPY is characterized by a strong growth in numbers, projects and ideas. This growth has been materialized in recent years, allowing us to look forward to 2021 with confidence.

For the explanation of the next developments there are some questions/answer below, especially for the year that has just begun.

What perspectives is TOPPY preparing to face the new challenges of 2021?

The economic results for 2020 shows an increase in shareholders’ equity of several percentage points compared to 2019. A starting point that allows us to face the investment plan for the next two years with the necessary economic solidity.

Is eco-sustainability considered by TOPPY?

The attention on the environment and its transformations needs to be considered fundamental in the innovation process. Sustainability is not a cost and even a degrowth, but a factor that multiplies the positive effects of this choice.

Export has produced positive data, what is your secret?

TOPPY has been present in the load handling market for over 40 years. This has certainly allowed us to acquire a great know-how that classifies us as the market leader.

Future chapter: what are your plans?

One of our main objectives concerns innovation. The company constantly invests in Research & Development to optimize the devices already present in the production range design new innovative ones not present on the market.