The pallet changer “gives you wings”

The pallet changer “gives you wings”


Toppy’s team, after a careful market analysis, has highlighted the main problems of large-scale distribution logistics, reason why we decided to develop an innovation that promises to solve all warehouse needs with ease.

The new machine is covered by patent, and greatly improves the effectiveness of the side press system, already highly appreciated by Toppy customers.

The new mobile pallet changer is called Side Press Falcon Wings and is already in production.

Pallet changer Falcon Wings

The first machine produced has already been successfully tested in an important logistics center in northern Italy, passing all tests as it handled the most difficult products, which until now could only be handled by hand.

The new patented system literally has “wings” on the Side Press Pallet Changer. In fact, two blades extended and inserted between the base of the product and the pallet (or between two rows of products) providing a solid base that also allows you to lift very heavy loads.

Soon the video of the patented pallet changer OUT ON YOUTUBE.

Stay turned.