Pallet changer in cold storage warehousing

Pallet changer in cold storage warehousing

Toppy L-Shape for insertion and removal of freezer spacers, that help freeze foods in the

cold storage warehousing




TOPPY L-SHAPE is an extremely versatile pallet changer device, available in different version: “with conveyors” or “without conveyors”.
As per photo below, there is the possibility to add a motorized conveyor system (fig.1), able to separate the products automatically.

Freezer Spacers - Pallet Changer


This system is also available with a manually lever (fig.2) for a very quick products separation.

Freezer Spacer - Pallet Inverter


In addition, if the roller conveyor is not necessary, we also supply this device without it. (fig.3)

Pallet Changer Toppy L-Shape Silver 3

The pallet change operation takes place thanks to tinting mode at 90-95 ° – This angle is variable according to the type of product. It allows to easily separate the load for the freeze spacers removal or pallet change operation.

This pallet changer has an innovative mobile solution. It is a motorized conveyor system, controlled by levers and buttons, that allows the load to be handled, making easier the operation of insertion and removal of the freeze spacers.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, is required the freezing of products. It is possible to reduce production time and the energy cost necessary for the freezing of product by using special freeze spacers. The insertion and removal of the plastic freeze spacers can be done very quickly with our TOPPY L-SHAPE.

The loading and unloading of the products can be easily done by using a pallet truck, as the platform that need to receive the goods is placed on the ground.

This pallet changer has a maximum capacity of 1200 kg, the maximum height of the load can be up to 2100 mm.

The use of TOPPY L-SHAPE can give numerous advantages to companies:

  • Time saving: our automated solutions reduce the heavy work and the number of operators. Our pallet changers are able to handle any type of product.


  • Money saving: our equipment allows the reduction of production costs. Our inverter pallets allow you to save on transport and packaging costs, by replacing the expensive pallets used in production with cheaper pallets. In additional, if there are damaged products on pallet ready for shipment, it is possible to replace them without reassembling the entire load. Our pallet turners have been designed to ensure the integrity of the product during handling.


  • More security: our pallet changers are automatic devices that reduce the workflow and increases the production capacities. This factor reduces human intervention and decreases the risk of injuries to operators.

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