Toppy pile turner on National RAI TV

Toppy pile turner on National RAI TV

Operator able to work even after a serious injury thanks to Toppy pile turner.

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“”Will I be able to work?” “Will I be able to do any other job?”

These are the first questions that Tiziana C, an operator in a graphics industry, asked herself after a serious injury happened when she fell off her bike back from work.

The serious accident forced her into two surgeries, seven months of rehabilitation and another scheduled operation.

The two injured elbows and the consequent loss of mobility and movements, at her age of 34 could become a real tragedy if the accident also transformed into unemployment.

Her employer says that he should have fired her because she wouldn’t be able to perform all duties at 100%.

When her invalidity was confirmed, it was necessary to start again. This work reintegration project is one of many INAIL projects personalized for different injured workers.

The operator is able to turn the paper without physical effort, that’s why the auto-mode of the pile turner is so effective for Tiziana, who would be unable to move the paper manually.

Toppy Advance is an electrically powered pile turner that performs the pile turning operation with great speed and automation. This latest generation trolley is able to pick up the paper from the pallet at the exit of the printing machine, turn it and immediately insert it at the entrance.

To find out more information on this pile turner, visit its official page.

You can see the Toppy Advance pile turner at work on YouTube on our channel