New Toppy Pallet Dispenser

New Gravity pallet dispenser – no power or air connection is required


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Over the years, Toppy srl has always been able to satisfy the customer. This has happened with such frequency which we operate thanks also to the ability to find solutions to the various request received. Toppy Group, with his internal engineers has always been able to find the solution that can be adapted to the customer’s need based on the specific case.

Once again, we analyzed what the market needed and consequently design a device able to organize the pallet. This is Toppy Gravity, the pallet dispenser that operates exclusively to the force of gravity. The “pallet organizer” does not need any pneumatic or electrical components. Consequently, installation will also be easier as no power or air connection is required.

The main objective of the pallet dispenser is to increase production efficiency and above all to reduce costs. The device activates the operating mechanisms when the lifting operation of the electric pallet truck takes place. Depending on the need, the operator has the possibility to choose between the loading function to stack or unloading to dispense the pallets. Pallet stacker and destacker operations are carried out in a few seconds.

Toppy Gravity is recommended for a functional workflow as it takes up minimal space and is always ready for quick use. It works smoothly even if the stack is not tidy.

There are different kind of Toppy transpallet that are recommended with the “pallet organizer”. They facilitate transport and lifting of heavy loads. In addition, they are functional to the use of Toppy Gravity. This is the reason why they are usually purchased in a single supply.

pallet dispenser gravity toppyGravity pallet dispenser work great with Easy Changer 

Toppy does not stop here: the continuous analysis of needs, special customizations and frequent study of new solutions will lead to the launch of new devices that will facilitate the logistic and production processes of companies.

For more info visit the new site PALLET-DISPENSERS.COM