How much does it cost changing pallet?

This is the cost to change pallet

Toppy with the innovative Easy Changer intends to revolutionize the sector of pallet changer.

For the companies that change around 120 pallet per day, the cost for every single operation amounts at 0.45 € after 3 years.

easy pallet changer cost

Toppy Easy Changer is not only an innovative machine, it interests particularly about R.O.I.

The index of profitability of capital invested it takes into consideration since the method and the cost of every single operation of pallet change that let to return into the initial investment in an extraordinary way.

Why only 0.83?

To determine the cost of pallet change (the single operation) we take for example the daily need of changing 120 pallets. If annually we consider 220 working days, it will be change 26,400 pallets in total.

We consider the annual costs:

Toppy Easy Changer is very fast and resolvent because it can change 60 pallet per hour requiring only one operator that is hypothesized costs 25 €/ hour. For changing 120 pallets, Toppy Easy Changer employ 2 hours, for a cost therefore of 50 €. Annually, the total cost of the operator it will be 11,000 €.

The machine costing 30,000 €, it will be amortized in 3 years, that mean it is annually calculated 10,000 € of amortization. Moreover, Toppy added from that cost another 900 € related to assistance and consumptions costs.

To determine the cost of every single operation you need to divide the annual cost of the machine (11,000 +10,900= 21,900 €) and the number of total operations done in one year (26,400). We will obtain the cost of 0.83 €.