CoViD-19, we don’t stop and we don’t give up

Starting from 26/03/2020, Italian Government will put in place a new set of restrictions to prevent further spread of CoViD-19.

By effect of these regulations, all business-activities not strictly related with the basic needs of our nation will be temporarily stopped.

As a matter of fact, Toppy activities related to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Graphic and Logistics fields are considered strategic to the support of the main supply lines.

Toppy will be regularly open and fully working to supply our customers with our utmost service and attention.

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In this difficult moment, we want to reassure that our company is taking all precautionary measures to protect its employees first, while also granting good service to its customers.

As a result of these efforts, we are glad to inform that currently we have no reports of suspected or infected patients among Toppy employees and their families.

After the first cases in China, it was evident for us that this new disease would prove a challenge to health and business at world-level. In January we predicted there could be difficulties in the chains of supply, so we decided to place extraordinary stock orders to ensure continuity of production and spare parts.

As of now, 70% of the materials necessary for our activities is on stock, this means that our productions will not suffer any delay and that our after sales service will be able to regularly ship spare parts.

stock materials

machines in stock

Despite difficulties, Toppy offices are regularly suppling our utmost and prompt attention to clients, our assembly lines are fully working. We assure all our customers around the word that we are all fine, we live, work and rest as usual, in respect of the sanitary and hygienic directions we adopted.

Toppy is continuing to work in order to satisfy customer needs both in terms of after-sales service and delivery time of new machines.

CoViD-19, we don’t stop and we don’t give up