The Evolution of the Company Since 1978

18.000 m²

Of two operating warehouses 

68 employees

Working in two sites

147 countries

Supplied by Toppy

45 years

Of Experience

Toppy's Operating Headquarter 10,000 m²

Toppy's Production & Stock Warehouse 8,000 m

20.000 units

Supplied Worldwide

33 partners

All over the world

50+ different models

Of Pallet Exchangers in our range

36 patented

Solution from Toppy

The History of Toppy

Estabilished in Bologna, Italy in 1978, Toppy began as a producer of machines for the graphic industry.


Over the years, Toppy’s machinery has found applications in various industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Logistic, Cosmetic and Ceramic.


Toppy’s continuous investment to research and development has firmly established its status as a global leader in the pallet exchange industry. Our extensive range includes mobile, stationary pallet changers, pallet inverters, and fully automated systems tailored to meet diverse application needs.


Toppy offers more than 50 distinct pallet exchanger models, meticulously designed to accommodate various product types, adapt to warehouse space constraints, optimize production flows, and fulfill desired levels of automation.

Why Toppy’s solution are required?

Hygiene and Sanitation for Pharma & Food Industry

Replacement of unsanitary pallet with autorized, sanitized ones.

Exchanging Pallets or damaged Products

Replacement of damaged pallets or damaged goods for safe warehouse handling.

Standardization of pallet for internal handling

Replacement of «incoming» pallet with standard «warehouse» pallet.

Product separation

Layer picking for creating two loads from one, or viceversa.

Saving on shipping costs

To comply with customer or other requirements. To ship cheap/one way pallet.

Insertion & Removal of freezer spacers

Reduce manual labor and automate freezer spacers handling.

Department of Mobile Pallet Changers & Inverters 

Streamline Material Handling with a Mobile Pallet Changer
Mobile pallet changer in action
Mobile pallet changer in action

Department of Stationary Pallet Changers & Inverters 

Boost Efficiency with a Stationary Pallet Changer
Increased Efficiency and Safety with Stationary Pallet Changer
Stationary pallet changer in action

Inline Pallet Changer & Inverter Solutions

Inline pallet changer in operation
Efficient and Cost-effective Material Handling with Inline Pallet Changers
Inline pallet inverter rotating pallets

Factory Exploration


If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

Toppy’s unique benefits


– Compliance with delivery times;
– Real after-sales assistance;
– Fexibility on payment methods;
– Original, tested, and functional solutions.

Worldwide References in Several Industry as:

Pharma, food & beverage, cosmetic, logistic, ceramic, chemical, meat & poultry, cold storages, cheese & dairy, pet food, etc…