Factory Exploration

Behind the Scenes: Explore the World of Toppy

More than 15.000 units sold worldwide    

Toppy finds solutions for customer that operates in

the Pharmaceutical, Foods, Beverage, Logistic, etc…


Toppy’s Patented Solutions

Over 50 pallet changer models, many of them are

patented solutions provided exclusively by Toppy.


4 Decades of acquired know-how

Experiences gained by providing solutions to our customer for

over 45 years.


Consistently high-level production

Continuous production for fast delivery, with stock solutions available.


Expert after-sales team

Toppy service team is always ready and available to assist

customers with any request.


Toppy is a Cribis Prime Company

Toppy has been certified for the highest level of evaluation of the

commercial reliability of an organization.

Operating Headquarter (Moved in 2023)

Production & Stock Warehouse

Department of Mobile Pallet Changers & Inverters 

Department of Stationary Pallet Changers & Inverters 

Increased Efficiency and Safety with Stationary Pallet Changer

Inline Pallet Changer & Inverter Solutions

Efficient and Cost-effective Material Handling with Inline Pallet Changers

Toppy’s production updated to 4 April 2023

Factory Exploration


This page is regularly updated with live photos of our production line, which are showcased at the end of every month. Stay tuned to see the latest updates!


If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

Toppy’s unique benefits


– Compliance with delivery times;
– Real after-sales assistance;
– Fexibility on payment methods;
– Original, tested, and functional solutions.

Worldwide References in Several Industry as:

Pharma, food & beverage, cosmetic, logistic, ceramic, chemical, meat & poultry, cold storages, cheese & dairy, pet food, etc…