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The Best Seller Mobile Pallet Changer

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Upgraded pallet Inverter (New 2023)

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State of the art engineering pallet exchangers

Toppy is the world leading company in pallet changer field with more than 50 different solutions able to handle every type of products.

We design different types of pallet inverters and pallet transfer systems capable to fully automates the pallet changing operation.


We guarantee prompt deliveries and patented solutions.

One of our Best Sellers.

For fragile, unstable and bulky loads.

The New 2023 Pallet Inverter.

Patented by Toppy.

Fully Automatic Pallet

Exchanger Systems

One of our Best Sellers in Europe. 

Cheap, fast, and compact

The Portable Pallet Inverter. 

In stock solution.

Freezer spacers insertion &

removal machine

 Toppy engage itself to reduce his own 

environmental impact as a Benefit Factory

Environmental Benefits
CO2 emission reduced
0 kg
Equivalent trees planted
0 trees
Equivalent lightbulbs powered
0 lightbulbs

Pallet Exchangers also for High-Bay Warehouse


Automatize the pallet changing operation with our systems

able to exchange up to 100 pallets per hour.

Cleaning Airlock (Sanitize Your Load)

Sanitize your loads and avoid contaminations by

microorganisms thanks to Toppy’s dedusting systems.

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