Our production


    Toppy Pallet System

    The new and innovative palletless system pa- tented by Toppy Srl is not just a way to move, transport and stack your loads. This genial idea will let companies reduce thier packing, transportation cost and save nature at the same time.


    Pallet Handling

    Toppy Srl designs and produces logistic systems for different fi- elds. Our logistic systems include stationary pallet changers or pile turners integrated with roll or plastic and conveyors pallet stackers.


    Food and Pharma

    Toppy Srl provides extremely versatile devices that allow to carry out the operation of pallet changing very quickly coming up to 60 pallet changes.



    Toppy Srl produces machinery for packaging field for the handling of rolls of different sizes and materials. These equipments are so cal- led roll turners or reel turners.


    Print Line

    Toppy pile turners are simple battery operated trucks with or without air and jogger system ensuring the perfect pile of paper alignment in short time.